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Cape Town Boat CharterCape Town Boat CharterCape Town Boat CharterCape Town Boat CharterCape Town Boat Charter

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Tourists visiting Cape Town hanker to see the most scenic spots in the city. But how do you pack sightseeing into a single day, while still remaining comfortable? Read More...

Thanks to science we now know a great deal about the sun; we know it’s a star around which the Earth orbits and that its hottest temperature is 27 million degrees. Read More...

The city of Cape Town has earned itself a reputation for being one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. With its mesmerising mountainous landscape and expansive seas, it's easy to see the truth in this statement. Read More...

There are a number of ways to spend one's salary. You could pig out on a trolley full of delicious food, purchase some new fashion favourites or spend your hard-earned money on something that will last forever – a memory, an experience.Read More...

Team building is one of the most important tasks for companies to undertake. The interaction between members of staff is one of the key factors in keeping a successful business going.Read More...

After a relaxing day on board a Cape Town boat charter, dining at one of Cape Town's most renowned restaurants is an absolute must, as the city's chefs are world famous. Read More..

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable days in anyone's life. It is in that one moment that two people decide to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Read More..

We've put together a list of some of the most popular sight-seeing activities in Cape Town that will allow you to see her in all her splendour. Read More..

Cape Town is famous for being one of the most picturesque cities in the world; there are many reasons as to why it holds this moniker Read More..

It's your first day at a new job. You cross the threshold and catch a glimpse of all the new faces with whom you will interact on a daily basis. Read More..

The positive relationship between your company and one with which you are hoping to do business or a long-time client with whom you want to preserve the excellent working relationship which you have both enjoyed is, in these uncertain times, more vital than ever. Read More..

The Stormers, Marc Lottering, Prime Circle, Tracy McGregor and even Terminator 3's bombshell villain, Kristanna Loken are just some of the celebrities that have chosen Tigger 2 Charters as their cruise of choice when needing some downtime from their hectic lifestyles. Read More..

There are two sides to sailing. For many the thought of sailing on a boat conjures up images of bikini clad celebrities, sipping on some bubbly, usually dancing in the background of a music video Read More..

When you're younger, mothers appreciate homemade gifts – necklaces made from macaroni and hand-scribbled cards with more glitter Read More..

It’s hard not to get caught up in the furore of the Titanic Centenary celebrations. And even though celebrations have quietened down somewhat, stories of this great unsinkable ship can still be read in newspapers and magazines while narrations about its grandeur can be heard from TV rooms around the world. Read More..

Weddings, a word that strikes far into the wallet of every father of the bride to be, although most would no doubt Read More..

Choosing something original can be difficult on a day when everyone is scrambling for the last bunch of roses and the best table at that exclusive restaurant Read More..

Then can be few better ways to wind down from a day in the office than watching the sunset from a 7 million Rand yacht anchored off Clifton First Beach. Read More..

Cape Town offers a multitude of outdoor possibilities for team building exercises, however what better place to take advantage of Cape Town's unique geography than on the high seas. Read More..

A luxury yacht can make an awesome venue for a memorable party regardless of whether it sets sail or not and the vibe and setting that V&A Waterfront provides will put your party on par with any night club in the city. The luxury yacht of the Cape Town boat charter company will provide the ultimate exclusive venue for you and you party. Read More..

By using common sense and logic you can plan the ultimate party experience on the high seas. Planning a Cape Town charter boat party is fun and easy and if you use an experienced charter boat company it can be painless and hassle free. Read More..

Cape Town boat charters provide the best possible opportunity for you to see the city from an entirely new and vastly different perspective. When you visit a city so closely linked to the sea, not only geographically but historically too it makes perfect sense to take a sunset cruise. Read More..

Is Cape Town missing out on substantial tourism revenue by not providing world class cruise line docking facilities? In the wake of a successful World Cup, Cape Town has cemented itself as a popular tourist destination Read More..

As the oldest harbour in South Africa the Port of Cape Town has a rich history and if the harbour walls could talk they would have more than a few stories to tell. Given that the city was built primarily to service merchant ships and was thus built from the harbour up. Read More..

One of the best ways to truly enjoy everything that makes the Mother City such an iconic tourist destination is a sunset cruise in Cape Town.It takes in all the sights and icons of the city, while allowing you to enjoy the pristine beaches and most importantly the iconic African sunsets. Read More..

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