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Birthday Parties on a charter boat in Cape Town

18, 21 or 50 there are certain birthdays that should be marked in a memorable way and few celebrations can be more unique than a Cape Town boat charter. Having friends and family together on a Cape Town boat charter for a sunset cruise will not only provide fantastic photo opportunities but will create memories of your celebration that will last a lifetime. When throwing a party one wants it to be a party that will be remembered by all that attended, there is a certain amount of pride involved when holding even a small party. Few things will stick in your guest's minds like a sunset cruise into the beautiful Clifton bay off the Atlantic seaboard.

The most important first step when planning any party is the guest list, write up a list of people that you would like to share the evening with. Before you inform anyone of the event take the number of guests and start pricing Cape Town boat charter companies that accommodate your numbers. You may find that you will need to scale back on the size of the event. It is always easy to get carried when you draw up the initial list. This is why, to avoid embarrassment, you should not inform anyone of the event until you are certain about how many people the Cape Town boat charter can accommodate. A reasonably priced Cape Town boat charter should be able to accommodate 40 to 50 people, although there are larger boats with bigger capacities these start to get into the ralm of super yacht and could get very pricey.

If you find that the party is getting expensive a good idea is to ask your guests to reframe from giving gifts and to rather contribute towards the cost of hiring the boat. It is not unreasonable to tell your friends what you have planned and that they may need to pay to join you on your special day. It may feel embarrassing but think of it like this, if you were to forgo the party and instead go to a club then your friends would need to pay a covert charge.

Many Cape Town charter boats will provide catering some will include light snacks in the price of the sunset cruise others may charge extra for this. Most luxury yachts will have a galley on board that will enable them to provide more substantial meals. If you want to provide food for the guests make sure you take into consideration any special dietary requirements of your guests such as halal and vegetarian and advice the crew beforehand.

Once you have your guest list finalised and your Cape Town charter boat hired get a weather forecast from a reputable source and advice your guests on what to expect and if you're planning a sunset cruise advise on bringing a jacket, even in the middle of summer. Temperatures can drop drastically when you are on the water. If needs be speak to the Cape Town charter boat operator.

By using common sense and logic you can plan the ultimate party experience on the high seas. Planning a Cape Town charter boat party is fun and easy and if you use an experienced charter boat company it can be painless and hassle free.

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